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    Agricultural MAP: it is a water-soluble quick-acting compound fertilizer, whose content ratio of available phosphorus (AP2O5) and total nitrogen (TN) is 5.44:1, one of the main types of high-concentration phosphate & compound fertilizer. It is generally used as topdressing, and also the major basic material in the production of ternary compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, etc. It is widely used in various food crops and economic crops, such as rice, wheat, corn, broomcorn, cotton, melon and fruit, vegetables, etc. And it is applicable to carious soil textures, such as red earth, yellow earth, brown earth, yellow fluvo aquic soil, black soil, brown soil, purple soil, Baijiang soil, etc. especially in the places lack of rain, such as northeast and north China.
   Industrial MAP: a kind of flame retardant and extinguishing agent, which is widely used in the flame retarding of wood, paper and fabric. It can be used as the dispersing agent of fiber processing and dyeing industry, glaze for enamel, ingredient of fire retardant coating, powder extinguishing agent, feed additive, high-grade fertilizer etc. besides, it can be used in medicine and printing industry. 

    Food-grade MAP: it can be used as bulking agent, dough modifier, and yeast nourishment, brewery and fermentation agent in food industry.

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